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Professional Summary

Dianne Ruth, CCH, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Board Certified Master Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapist
Board Certified Master Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP)


Dynamic Resources International™, Founder and Creator; San Diego, California; Anxiety Care from the Doctor Who's Been There. I lived in "anxiety hell" so you don't have to. Anxiety Care Coach & Alternative Counselor.

Author, developer/presenter of business and self-empowerment training seminars and workshops including "Up Your Assets: 101 Successful Marketing Tips for Building Your Professional Service Business, Mostly Cost-Free"; 1987 to present.

The Healing Tree, Founder and Executive Director; Holistic and Alternative Counseling and Life Coaching, Denver and San Diego; Offering Anxiety Care Coaching & Alternative Counseling.

Developed a model of interventions called Meta-Mind & Body Works: An Advanced System for Emotional Re-Education, that is "dedicated to making conscious that which is already known"; 1994 to present.

The Money Clinic™; Founder and Creator; Denver and San Diego; Understanding Your Emotions and Money; Reconnecting With Your Divine Birthright for Balance and Abundance in Mind and Body Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Spirituality. For individuals and groups; 1999 to present.

Self-Employed Massage Therapist; Beverly Hills, California; Licensed in therapeutic massage and bodywork for stress reduction and physical health; offered guided imagery to maximize benefits during the massage delivery; 1979 to 1988.

Note: My background of several years prior included employment in advertising, marketing, and the graphic communications industry. I wrote ad copy, promotional and informational material. I also did merchandising and business sales promotion.

Experience included art direction, graphic design and other print production skills. In addition, i developed knowledge in public relations and publicity. [I now use all of these skills in my present ventures.]


Emergency Assistance Grant and Referral Project, Inc. (EAGR), Denver, Colorado; Board of Directors; 1998 to 2004

KLZ 560-AM Radio; Denver, Colorado; Regular presenter on topics of interest to women; 2003

American Red Cross, Los Angeles, California; Health Fair Expo, Developer/Trainer, Stress Reduction Program; Consultant Psychological Services, Medical Advisory Committee; 1991 to 1994

Certified in 24 courses in Safety Services and Disaster Preparedness including several in Instructor's Training; provided initial relief and assessment operations; casework and crisis management; 1975 to 1994

KIEV AM Radio, Los Angeles, California; Radio talk show guest; Presented as a stress management specialist for the American Red Cross; 1994

Recipient of the Owen Murphy Volunteer Memorial Award, Los Angeles, California; presented by American Red Cross, KNBC-TV, Hospital Council of Southern California, Blue Cross of California, and Chevron; 1991


Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio; Adjunct Professor, Psychology; Serve on doctoral committees; Provide direction for dissertations and research projects, academic advising and support, editing of written materials;

Teacher/counselor/supervisor for contracted course work; Evaluate and document satisfactory demonstration of doctoral level of knowledge and mastery in selected subjects

Union Institute & University, Undergraduate Studies; Los Angeles, California; Dimension Faculty for psychology and counseling; Tutor, Academic Advisor

Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Los Angeles, California; a component of The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; Taught courses in hypnotherapy to medical and academic doctors; training held at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

National University, Los Angeles, California; Adjunct Faculty, Psychology and Psychotherapy Instructor


Institute for Life Coach Training, A Program of Therapist University, Fort Collins, Colorado; graduate of coach training; trained by L. Patrick Williams, EdD, owner, Diane Menendez, PhD, Jim Vuocolo, DMin; graduated 2001

Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio; PhD Degree, Clinical and Counseling Psychology; Interdisciplinary areas of specialization:  Social and Community Psychology, Human Sexuality Lifestyles; graduated 1989

Sierra University, Santa Monica, California; M.A. Degree, Counseling Psychology; graduated 1985

Rosenberg's Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Santa Monica, California; IBP is a complete system of psychotherapy with an emphasis on breathing as a vehicle for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit; two-year graduate program; certification; trained by Jack Lee Rosenberg, DDS, PhD; graduated 1985

Antioch University, Marina del Rey, California; B.A. Degree, Integrative Psychology; graduated 1983

Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, California; AA Degree, Psychology, Pre-med Track; graduated 1982;

Personally designed a social action project; Created, developed and implemented a training program for the college staff in "Major Disaster Related Emergency First Aid and Crisis Response: An Awareness Workshop for Responding Personnel in the Adult Academic Environment";

The program was approved by the Director and Coordinator of Civil Defense and Emergency Operation Services of the Greater Los Angeles area, and the American Red Cross.

Roland Agencies, Inc. Denver, Colorado; Three-month intensive training in sales and career counseling; also trained in vocational, personality, aptitude testing, and evaluation; 1971 to 1972.


Who's Who in America
Who's Who of American Women
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
Who's Who Among Human Service Professionals

Who's Who in the World


International Coach Federation (ICF)
Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

CoachVille (CV)
American Psychological Association (APA)
American Psychological Association, Society of Psychological Hypnosis, Division 30
Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA)
Good ol' Gals Business Connections


The American Association for Counseling and Development
American Psychotherapy Association
American Institute of Hypnotherapy
International Society of Hypnosis
International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
North American Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
American Counseling Association
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
International Society of Hypnosis


The Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a component of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; Served as Program Vice-president for two terms; 1991-1993;

Conducted Hypnosis Study Groups for doctors and other professionals at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1993;

General Meeting speaker: "The Power of Subliminal Communication," 1991;

Elected Representative to attend the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Board of Governors Meeting in St. Louis, 1991.

Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis, a component of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; Served as Vice-president for three terms from 1987 to 1989; Resource Forum/Case Study Committee Chair.

NOTE: In the 1970s and early 1980s, there were other former appointments and elections to governing posts that have included several nationally recognized business, professional, and community organizations, primarily in the field of advertising; Multiple certificates, commendations, and awards were received.


Master Level Board Certified Communicator with Internationally Recognized Credentials:


Clinical Hypnotherapy, board certified master; Innovations in Clinical Hypnosis Including Applications of Neurolinguistics and Advanced Ericksonian; training approved by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology/Programming (NLP); board certified master; training approved by North American Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


NLP Comprehensive, Denver, Colorado; "Modeling Technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and Meta-States: Ultimate Wealth," by L. Michael Hall, PhD; Certificate No. 14801; 2000

Emotional Freedom Techniques, California; "Basic Training"; developed by Gary Craig; 2000

Day of Miracles; School of Integrated Healing, Denver, Colorado; "Thought Field Therapy™," Level I and Level II; 1999

Core Transformation® International, Denver; "Core Transformation Workshop," by Susan Shachterle and Barbara Needham-Chenoweth; 2000

EMDR; Boulder, Colorado; "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing," by Molly Gierasch, PhD, 1998

Usui Shiki Ryoho, Boulder, Colorado; Reiki Master Healer, 1996

Colorado State Board of Licensed Professional Counselor Examiners, Candidate for taking the exam leading to Licensed Professional Counselor; 1998

Quantum Healing with Deepak Chopra, M.D., Los Angeles, California; 1994

American Board of Hypnotherapy, Registered and  Certified Hypnotherapist, Certificate No. 7613; 1994

Glendale Community College District, Parapsychology; 1994

NLP Training Institute of Los Angeles, Malibu, California; "Presentation/Speaking Skills: NLP Intensive for Persuading and Influencing Groups," by Michael Grinder; 1993

Achieving Personal Excellence, Los Angeles, California, by Richard Bandler, PhD, co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; 1993

Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, Hawaii (training held in the Los Angeles area); "The Secret of Creating Your Future," by Tad James, PhD, creator of Time Line Therapy; 1993

Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, Hawaii (training held in the Los Angeles area); "The Lost Secrets of Ancient Hawaiian Huna," by Tad James, PhD, Creator of Time Line Therapy; 1993

American Psychotherapy Association, Full Board Certification; Certificate No. 5001-601; 1992

Ultimate Performance Technologies, Touch For
Health I (Applied Kinesiology); 1991

Medical Board of California, Board of Psychology, Candidate for taking the exam leading to Licensed Clinical Psychologist; 1990

Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Los Angeles, California, a component of The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; "A Course in Hypnotherapy," (training held at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute; 1990

Barretta Psychological Corporation, Long Beach, California; "Innovations in Clinical Hypnosis including Applications of Neurolinguistics and Ericksonian Metaphor," advanced level by Norma Barretta, PhD; Certificate No. 90040826; 1990

Grinder, DeLozier & Associates, Santa Cruz, California (training held in Los Angeles area); "Neuro Linguistic Programming I, II, II" with John Grinder, PhD, developer of NLP; 1989

Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis, Tarzana, California; "Visual Imagery and Healing" by Joseph Moskowitz, M.D.; 1989

Professional Associates in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tarzana, California; "Hypnosis--An Adjunct to Medical & Psychological Interventions" by Eleanor S. Field, PhD; 1987

Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis, Tarzana, California; "Clinical Hypnotherapy for the Professional" by Eleanor S. Field, PhD; registration with the California State Board of Behavioral Science Examiners; Course Code No. 87-13; approved by The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; 1987

Note: Throughout the last 30+ years, I have attended many additional educational programs related to my current profession. These have included training in additional psychotherapeutic intervention skills, practice building, marketing, writing, and publishing.


John Grinder, PhD, Santa Cruz, California; Co-developer of NLP, International Trainer, author

Richard Bandler, PhD, Santa Cruz, California: Co-developer of NLP, International Trainer, author

Lara Ewing, Denver, Colorado; Consultant, International Trainer in Personal Development

Eleanor S. Field, PhD, Tarzana, California; psychotherapist, author, lecturer, educator, radio and television celebrity

Jack Lee Rosenberg, DDS, PhD, Venice, California; Clinical Director of The Rosenberg-Rand Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, educator, clinical psychologist, co-developer of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), and book author

Marjorie L. Rand, PhD, Venice, California; Executive Director of the Rosenberg-Rand Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, educator, clinical psychologist, co-developer of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), and book author

M. Wilson Williams, PhD, Albuquerque, New Mexico; educator, clinical psychologist, suicidologist

Robert Atkins, PhD, JD, San Francisco, California; professor, writer, philosopher, lecturer, attorney, human rights activist

Marvin Colter, PhD, (deceased), Van Nuys, California; clinical psychologist, educator, human rights activist

Edwin Elkin, PhD, Kihei, Hawaii; author, international lecturer, Fulbright Scholar, creator of Transpersonal Gestalt

David Cheek, MD, (deceased), author, lecturer, Developer of Ideomotor Signaling/Medical Hypnosis

Norma Barretta, PhD, Philip Barretta, MA, International Leaders and Trainers in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP

Tad James, PhD, author, creator of Time Line Therapy™, Trainer in Ancient Huna Magic

Bruce Goldberg, DDS, PhD, author, master in Past Life Regression

Michael Grinder, MA, presentation/speaking skills, International Master NLP Trainer

Molly Gierasch, PhD, clinical psychologist, Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trainer

Barbara Needham-Chenoweth, MA, Grand Junction, Colorado; Psychotherapist, writer, Core Transformation® International Trainer

Susan Schachterle, Denver, Colorado; Psychotherapist, book author, Owner-Director Trainer of Core Transformation® International

L. Michael Hall, PhD, Grand Junction, Colorado; book author, Developer and Trainer of Neuro-semantics and Meta-States

T. Patrick Williams, EdD, Fort Collins, Colorado; Master Certified Coach, President/Founder of Therapist University™, Institute for Life Coach Training, book author

Deepak Chopra, MD, La Jolla, California; Quantum Healing, author, celebrity

John Varun Maguire, Malibu, California; Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health

Jill Strunk, EdD, Add, LP, VT, Minnetonka, Minnesota; Licensed Psychologist, Trainer in Thought Field Therapy

Gary Craig, California; Trainer-Owner of Emotional Freedom Techniques™

Linda Robinson, PhD, Glendale, California; parapsychologist

Elizabeth Ruth, Littleton, Colorado; Traditional Reiki Master, Traditional Usui

Sven C. Carlson, Boulder, Colorado; Traditional Reiki Master, Traditional Usui

Cynthia Hart Murray, Denver, Colorado; Feng Shui Trainer

Lisa Gaeto and Geena Davis, (award winning actress), Panorama City, California;  Trainers, "Impact, Women’s Basic Self-Defense" (also known as Model Mugging)

Plus many more...



Clinical and Counseling Psychology has included the equivalent of 12 years of academic study plus thousands of hours of supervised clinical internships.

Altered states of awareness/consciousness work, metaphysical and parapsychological education has consisted of hundreds of hours of theoretical study, workshops, training seminars, and supervised internships over many years.


Registered Psychological Intern and Psychological Assistant; Van Nuys, California; 3,000 hours of supervised professional experience; 1988 to 1990; mentor and supervisor: Marvin W. Colter, PhD (Deceased)

Registered Psychological Intern and Psychological Assistant; Tarzana, California; 1000 hours of supervised professional experience; 1987 to 1988; mentor and supervisor: Eleanor S. Field, PhD

Note: As a California State Registered Psychological Intern and Psychological Assistant, I provided individual, short and long-term psychotherapy and counseling, crisis intervention, clinical hypnotherapy/hypnoanalysis, psychological testing, psychological diagnostic assessments, and treatment planning; Therapy for anxiety and related disorders, and relationship counseling.

Pain and Stress Center, A medical group with a holistic orientation, Norwalk, California; Worked as an independent contractor;

Provided short-term counseling and clinical hypnotherapy with an emphasis on mind-body healing for selected patients; 1990 to 1992; mentor and supervisor: Joseph Moskowitz, M.D., founder and director of the Center

David B. Cheek, M.D., Santa Barbara, California; Book Author, Trainer and educator for the medical community; Pioneer in medical and regression hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, ideodynamic healing, and ideomotor signaling; Interned 1992; mentor and supervisor: David B. Cheek, M.D.

The Clinic for Neuromuscular Disorders, Inc., Los Angeles, California; Worked as an independent contractor;

Provided short-term counseling, and clinical hypnosis for pain management, trauma resolution from initial onset of disability plus psychological healing of past events that led up to the trauma situation, resolved resistance to medical treatment, accelerated rehabilitation, lifestyle adjustments; 1989 to 1990; mentor and supervisor: Elinor Gibbs, M.S., Clinic Director

Daniel M. Asimus, M.D. and Associates, A Professional Psychiatric and Medical Corporation, Glendale, California; Worked as an independent contractor;

Provided short and long-term psychotherapy, often along with career development counseling, for adults with posttraumatic stress, anxiety and depression disorders; Clinical hypnotherapy was included as an option to assist in a behavior modification approach; Workers’ Compensation evaluation and report writing; 1987 to 1990; mentor and supervisor: Daniel M. Asimus, M.D.

White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, California; Hospital staff privileges; 1987 to 1990; mentor and supervisor: Daniel M. Asimus, M.D.

Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, Glendale, California; Hospital staff privileges; 1987 to 1990; mentor and supervisor: Daniel M. Asimus, M.D.

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, Mental Health Department, Hollywood, California; Three-and-a- half-year supervised internship in mental health counseling;

Provided self-esteem, relationship, and substance abuse counseling for adults; 1982-1985; Rotating supervisors; Mentor: Griff Humphreys, M.S.W.,
Coordinator and Director, Mental Health Department

The American Red Cross, Los Angeles, California; Responsibilities included casework, initial relief and assessment operations, and crisis counseling; 1975 to 1982; mentor and supervisor: Jane Heilman, M.A.

East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park, California; EMT-1A (Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance); Interned at San Gabriel Community Hospital Emergency Room, and Mercy Paramedic Ambulance Services; California State Occupational Certificate renewal, 1981

Los Angeles Mission College, San Fernando, California; EMT-1A; Interned at Holy Cross Hospital Emergency Room, and Regional Paramedic Ambulance Services; California State Occupational Certificate, 1978


Many of the following seminars and workshops, often with variations, have been given many times over the years. They were created and presented to groups ranging from doctors, government workers, medical personnel, professional organizations, and educational facilities.

Presented to the State of Colorado, The San Louis Valley Welfare Case Managers and Intake Technicians...

SURVIVING CHAOS IN THE WORKPLACE: How to Balance Your Life in 10 Easy Steps

The following two seminars were presented to medical doctors and complimentary health care providers through The Alternative Healthcare Network, Colorado...

UP YOUR ASSETS: 101 Successful Marketing Tips For Building Your Professional Practice Mostly Cost-Free!

THE POWER OF SUBLIMINAL COMMUNICATION: How to get more referrals, better patient compliance and lower your risk of malpractice!

Presented to Medical Doctors and Other Health Care Providers at White Memorial Hospital and Glendale Memorial Hospital, California...

BEDSIDE MATTERS: Rapid and Effective Communication Techniques

Presented to the Members of the Senior Peer Counseling Program, Glendale Memorial Hospital, California...

ANOTHER DIMENSION OF PEER COUNSELING: Easy-to-master techniques in Using the Power and Magic of Subliminal Communication

Presented to the San Fernando Valley Herpes Support and Help Group, California...

True Confessions Made Easy

Presented to Out-patients at Coldwater Canyon Hospital, California, and also used with Independent Support Groups...

PANIC/PHOBIA RECOVERY PROGRAM: Individual and Group Support

Presented at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, California...

CAN HYPNOSIS MAKE YOU SEXIER? Creative Imagery for Improving Your Life


Ruth, D. (1996). Self-hypnoanalysis and the seven keys: A pendulum work book.

Ruth, D. (1996). Re-design your life in 10 easy steps: Professional secrets for self-help with personal hypnosis.

Ruth, D. (1994). Breaking the anxiety barrier: Relief from anxiety and depression without drugs! Guide to nutrition and dietary supplements.

Ruth, D. (Narrator). (1994). Sleep: A personal hypnotic trance induction (Cassette Recording).

Ruth, D. (1993). "Questions most often asked about clinical hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming: Options for rapid recovery and personal excellence," (paper).

Ruth, D. (1993). "Six quick and easy ways to de-feat dis-stress!" (Paper).

Ruth, D. (1993). "What causes anxiety?" (Paper).

Ruth, D. (Narrator). (1992). Stress reduction: A personal hypnotic trance induction (Cassette Recording).

Ruth, D. (Narrator). (1992). Quick relaxation using sensory awareness and breathing techniques (Cassette Recording).

Ruth, D. (Narrator). (1991). A little re-treat: A personal hypnotic trance induction (Cassette Recording).

Ruth, D. (1991). Stop smoking for good.

Ruth, D. (1989). Contemporary female bisexuality: A psychosocial phenomenon. University Microfilms International Dissertation Information Service, 9010767.

Ruth, D. (1985). The synergy of integration: A theoretical construct of the multidimensional interactive process of the self. Unpublished masters’ thesis, Sierra University, Santa Monica, CA.

American Red Cross. (1982). Safety and survival in an earthquake (Instructor Manual). (D. Ruth, contributor) Los Angeles, CA: Author

Note: Several additional projects are currently in process.

(Formerly known as Dianne Ruth Little)

For a more complete description of my professional background, please go to my other website,



We honor your race, religion, culture, and way of life. We welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other lifestyles.

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